Maximus is ONE!


I’m there for Maximus birthday, and guess what? The theme is Monkey, not sure is it a cartoon character or just a monkey? But i think either they like monkey a lot, or they are animals lovers. Cute to see the top of the cake a monkey with small bananas surrounding it. Those bananas so small i wonder how did the maker does it…birthday party table set up birthday party cake birthday party pastries birthday party cake birthday party pastries

Who wants to be there early

I am, i always early for shoot. I hate it when i am late (never late before). Early means you can take your own sweet time to check out the area and if lucky, can start shooting the set up table decorations as when guests starts arriving you will get no time for that. Another point is can chit chat with people, making new friends.cute birthday boy with animal balloons

Maximus got so much attention, of course

He is the main star, can see that both granny really adores him, showering Maximus with a lot of love. Guests starts to take selfie with him as soon as he is available, transferring him between arms. Maximus was a fun friendly baby, he smiles to almost anyone who plays with him, the cake cutting was a smooth process as he does not afraid of people crowding near him.
By the way, the venue is Safra Punggol Ansana room.selfie with baby baby watching mum throw balloons baby eating lucy watching balloons guest happy to see birthday boy host with guest birthday boy playing with another boy group photo friends with birthday boy guest with baby, giving presents guest singing birthday song parents with birthday boy cake cutting birthday boy blows cake candles

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